#SaabWearsHerFeelings with Linya-Linya! ❤

#SaabWearsHerFeelings with Linya-Linya! ❤

Yung feeling na nag-joke ka, at natawa siya.
Yung feeling na napapansin ka rin pala nya.
Yung feeling na yung crush mo, crush ka rin pala. 
Haaay. Ito na: Si Saab Magalona. 
#SaabWearsHerFeelings with Linya-Linya! 


Linya-Linya literally started from scratch. Ali Sangalang would come up with witty one-liners then Panch Alvarez would doodle them on a blank notebook. This was their way to vent out their frustrations with their day jobs and express their feelings with everyday Filipino experiences. The group then added Jim Bacarro, who helped build the company and the brand. From a small online project with 7,000 Facebook followers, within a year, Linya-Linya has rapidly grown into a fullfledged brand with 10 retail stores and a loyal Facebook following of 247,000.

WHY #WearYourFeelings?

Filipinos are an emotional people. However, there are limited means to express their feelings, especially when it comes to shirts.

With Linya-Linya’s #WearYourFeelings campaign, we encourage Pinoys to “wear their hearts on their sleeve.” May it be “feels” of happiness or frustration, passion or heartache— the goal is to create an avenue for people to express their feelings in a fun, fashionable, and creative manner, and through it, build stronger connections among people.


As a blogger, musician, and actress, she has a lot of stories and feels.

She also embodies some of the best qualities and values of today’s youth— she’s fun and genuine; she’s passionate with every thing she does; she’s vocal about her views and she’s socially aware. Hundreds of thousands of people follow her on social media because she wears her feelings confidently, and people connect positively with her.

Ikaw, ano’ng feel mo? Isuot mo. 
#WearYourFeelings via our revamped online store, www.linyalinya.ph!
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