Why order a branded and customized shirt?

According to Human Resource studies, having branded and customized shirts brings 3 advantages to a company:

  1. Branded clothing increases company pride and lifts the morale of your people
  2. When branded clothing is customized to your specific company culture, it promoted the mindset of unity and pro-activeness
  3. High morale among employees translates to higher performance--either in tasks completion or an increase in generated sales

Why Linya-Linya?

Of the sea of brands, Linya-Linya stands out in 3 ways:

  1. Linya-Linya is the leading company that captures distinctly Pinoy traits, sub-cultures, and day-to-day experiences. In short, it has the Hugot or Kapit advantage.
  2. As proof of our high quality and effective Pinoy connection, Linya-Linya has grown to 9 stores in less than 1 year with almost 200,000 social media followers (and counting!).
  3. Linya-Linya's strength is tapping into a company's desired cu;ture and translating it to fun, everyday items from t-shirts to mugs and notebooks.

How much will it cost?

Send us an inquiry via e-mail ( or contact number (358-5033) and we will give you a quotation based on what you are looking for.

How long will it take?

  • Step 1: We will do a quick interview to get your company "flavor"
  • After 4 days, we will give you 3 sample design options. Choose your design and avail of 3 free revisions on chosen design
  • Free delivery to your doorstep within 20 days!